Press Release: New Officers and Board Member Appointed

Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club News Release

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For Immediate Release:

New Officers and Board Member Appointed

David Goldstein, Founder of the Gardens Memorial Park and President of DFG Entertainment Group, was elected Chair of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club. Many know him as the “ Mortgage Man” or a Hospice By The Sea Board Member.

Jim Notter, former Broward Superintendent of Schools and South Tech Academy Board Member was elected Vice Chair. His network of professional and political persons will assist the growth and culture development of the organization, particularly in Broward County.

Armand Grossman ,Senior Executive VP Development of Penn-Florida Companies was elected to the board.  He was a former Florida Atlantic University National Alumni Board President, and is a  current member and former president of the FAU Foundation Board, former member of the FAU Board of Trustees and FAU Presidential Search Committee. 

  See  for membership information or call 561.852.0000 for more information.

Board of Directors



David Goldstein

Vice Chair

Jim Notter


Alvin Lloyd Brown


Barry Epstein


Joanne Epstein

Armand Grossman

Arlene Herson

Nancy Hite

Alan Kauffman

Dr. Sherrie Raz

Dr. Michael Salit

Bill Schwartz

Jeff Tholl

Mailing Address:

11922 Waterwood Dr
Boca Raton, FL

Tel: 561.852.0000