About The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club

Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is modeled after the famous National Press Club in Washington DC. The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club provides a forum of public discourse and debate on politics, people and issues affecting our lives, our community, and our world.

The Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club is a non – partisan organization, and does not support political candidates, campaigns, nor take sides on political issues. While much of the world follows political issues and form their opinions through the news media, members of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club receive information straight from the “Tiger’s mouth.”

The Tiger Bay Club format is perfect for the fielding of probing questions to monthly presenters by members attending our regular monthly group lunch meetings. Member questions are essential to successful Tiger Bay meetings. Our members are highly literate and informed, as well as plugged-in to current affairs. Politicians, industry experts and other “movers and shakers” from our region have the opportunity to deliver timely information to our membership, who keeps them on their toes.

Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club, get their facts first hand. Members (only) ask frank questions and are known to use the Tiger’s “Fang and Claw” to elicit a speaker’s thoughts devoid of pretense or “spin.”

Board of Directors

David Goldstein – Chair

 Carlos Romero –   Chair Elect

 Howard Appell – President

Sheldon Jaffee – Vice Chair

Lawrence Greenberg – Treasurer

Barry Epstein – President Emeritus


Howard Appell

Joy Binkovitz

Alvin Brown

Jill Glanzer

David Goldstein

Lawrence Greenberg

Arlene Herson

Nancy Hite

Marshall Issacson

Sheldon Jaffee

Dr. Sherrie Raz

Carlos Romero

Steve Sanders

Bill Schwartz

Peter Ticktin

Claudia Wechter